Research shows the best way to lose fat the fastest

Looking to make some BIG changes this year?

If you have a lot to lose,  you will gain most benefit from combining cardio (or endurance) training and strength training. Yes, this is fairly common knowledge among most fitness enthusiasts, but this recent study from the University of Vienna proves what we’ve known for a long time.

Even so, there will always be those who swear by the belief that all that the very heavy need to do to lose weight is to do endurance or cardio training. Longer periods of exertion would burn more calories than the shorter bursts typical of strength training is the mindset, I guess.

However, the reality is this: strength training helps build muscle mass, and every pound of muscle gained boosts calorie burning. This effect is greater in the long term than the couple of hundred calories you burn while doing cardio or endurance training.

Many trainers who help overweight people have therefore switched to a combination of cardio and strength training. It really packs the right combination of metabolism boosting power.

The researchers looked at the effects of cardio training, strength training and a combination of the two on body weight, waist measurement, the ratio between waste and hip measurements, fat mass and lean body mass.

Strength training was the best way to build up lean body mass, but when it came to the reduction in bodyweight, fat mass, waist measurement and the waist-hip ratio, the combination of strength and cardio training gave the best results.

“Combination training is the most efficacious exercise modality in the prevention and treatment of overweight, and obesity and should therefore recommended whenever possible”, the researchers conclude.

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