6 Reasons You Should Cross Train

If your training results have hit a brick wall despite the fact that you have actually been doing your workouts  faithfully, perhaps it’s time to give cross training a shot. “What’s cross training?” …  It’s when you change your regular exercise and add in other types of exercise.

Here are 6 reasons why it pays to cross train:

1. Avoid injury. Doing the very same exercise routine over and over again stresses joints, muscles, and ligaments without giving them complete recovery. Overuse is one of the primary factors for injury. Working the same muscles in a different method, or completely different muscle groups, can offer your muscles the rest they require to help avoid issues that keep you from training!

2. Stabilize your muscles. By working different muscle groups, you will certainly keep muscular symmetry. If you’ve been doing mostly squats and lunges and focusing on your lower body, your upper body might do not have the definition that your legs and glutes have. Include in an upper-body workout, one that consists of resistance training (push weight!) to assist you in getting total body balance.

3. Gain strength. With cross training you can increase the overall strength of your muscles. If you run, or do primarily cardio-based workouts, include a strength training or some bodybuilding workouts. Resistance training (dumbbells or bands) can equate into faster running times, and much better endurance, not to mention a faster metabolic rate.



4. Avoid workout boredom. Doing the same old thing gets old. Spice up your workout by attempting something– or somebody– new! If you’ve been following a specific fitness instructor’s programs, attempt someone else’s. Each trainer has a various style and will challenge you in different ways. If you have actually done ’em all, maybe you just have to get outdoors for a bit. Think about a sport that’s always interested you.

5. Keep making progress with your muscles. Progress with a training routine plateaus somewhere between 4 and 12 weeks. By changing your exercise, you make more constant development!

6. Rest exhausted muscles. OK, so you don’t wish to quit your exercises, however you feel like your efficiency is going downhill? Possibly you simply need to rest the groups of muscles you’ve been working non-stop for months on end. Offer them a break by doing something different.


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