Muscle Building Workouts

So, you’re looking to add some muscle. These 2 workouts are my favorites, and if you use the right amount of weight, you will get solid results. Oh, and be sure that you use good form. Can’t stress that one enough.

Chest and Triceps Workout


The graphic says it all. If you aren’t sure of how to do an exercise, post a comment below and I will help you. Also, a Google search will turn up lots of results.

Back and Biceps Workout


This one may look simple, but it’s deceiving. This is my favorite biceps routine. Doing the back work first is important, and also serves to pre-exhaust your biceps. By the time you get to that set of 21’s … your arms will be pumped and feel like they are ready to burst!

Once you do these workouts for 8 weeks, message me and let me know. I will show you some advanced workouts that will build off of these and keep the muscle gains going for you!




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