My Crossbody Trainer Review

So I added a new piece of equipment to my home gym today. It’s the Crossbody Trainer from Nexersys, and I must say, it’s pretty cool and very effective.


At first, it looks like a very slick free-standing double end bag. It’s so much more. I have the interactive model, which I wanted because it pairs up with the Nexersys Crossbody app that acts as a personal trainer and guides you through your training sessions using an on screen animated fighter, with audio cues as well. The app also gives you performance feedback, showing your accuracy and power. Here’s a couple of pics from my workout:


Post workout feedback, this screen shows all the muscle groups that got worked during the session


More feedback. It shows your performance for each round. This one was one of the cardio rounds, much like a punch out or “burn out” drill.

For my first workout, I chose to do a 30 minute workout. 10 rounds, 3 minutes each. The app’s visual and verbal cues let me know which moves and exercises to do. As expected, there were many jabs and crosses thrown. The app did a great job reminding me to circle the bag, and it incorporates bobs and slips into the mix as well … so you aren’t just standing in front of the bag and punching.

I especially liked the rounds that incorporated elbows. There were a few cardio rounds in there also, where you are throwing punches as fast and you can for the round. Seeing the on-screen boxer’s gloves “catch fire” when I was throwing the punches fast and furious was also a nice touch.

According to my heart rate monitor, my heart rate got up to 159 bpm at some parts of the workout, and the estimated calorie burn was 526 for the 30 minute workout.

So yeah, I’ll be adding this into my training plan at least 3 days per week. The workout was fun, and the 30 minutes flew by.

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