Instagram Hashtag Tips

So I’m sitting here taking my post workout selfies and meal prep … you know, getting that Instagram game down.

Which got me to thinking about hashtags and all of the craziness surrounding them.  It’s all too often we see someone posting a pic with like 50 hashtags, so of which are full sentences. I’m sure that #omgthisdonutisbomdotcom isn’t helping with getting likes and follows … So, how many hashtags is too many?  What’s the perfect number?

According to Boostlikes, that number is around 15.

  • 2 of them should be your branded tags.
  • 4 of them large, broad-topic tags like #cute. Of the remaining 9,
  • 6 of them should be “broadly narrow” tags like #dogsofinstagram or #dogoftheday.
  • 3 should be even more narrow tags, which will likely relate directly to the post you’re making

The article has MANY more tips to make the most out of your Instagram posts, so go check it out:

5 Ways to Get More Comments on Your Instagram Photos


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