dan-and-kimHey everyone! My name is Dan Yencho. That’s me, on the right. The pretty one is my wife Kim.  I’m a personal trainer,  sports nutrition consultant, and a proud member of the Big Man Squad.

Let me take a few moments to share my story with you. Since 1998, I’ve always been in good shape.  In  2015, that changed. Due to the stress of being a primary caregiver for a family member with stage 4 triple negative breast cancer, my body’s immune system went haywire. I was tired all the time. Exhausted, zombie-type tired. I could barely function, forget about exercising.

My cholesterol and triglycerides went sky high. My liver enzymes kept climbing. I was disgusted with the way I looked and felt. I gained 35 lbs and 6 inches on my waist.  When my family doctor referred me to a gastrointestinal specialist, I had enough.

I started off trying to jump right back into the high intensity workouts that I used to do. Quickly, I discovered that I had to make a few changes to the workouts due to my bad knees and back, but was surprised that the results kept coming even with the modified workouts!

Nutritionally, I developed a healthy eating plan that kept many of my favorite foods and didn’t require a lot of time in the kitchen.

Needless to say,  it rekindled my passion for health and fitness, and now all I want to do is  help other guys that might be in the same situation of having the doctor telling you to lose weight and eat better.

Many times, the diet and exercise programs that are given aren’t suited to larger guy’s needs. I want to provide the guidance and information to help other guys regain their health, and ultimately return to the doctor with good blood work. Next time you see the doc, instead of a lecture … you’ll get a congratulations!

If you are reading this and want me to help you get the same results that I did, I invite you to connect with me on Facebook so that we can get started. facebook-250x76

I only work with 3 new clients per month, because I spend a lot of time to be sure that you have a nutrition and exercise program that is customized for your body and needs (it’s cheaper than you think … and includes streaming video workouts with me showing you exactly what to do) … Plus I like to have all of your questions answered, so that I know which level of the workouts that you should start with (I have workouts for 4 different levels of fitness).  Finally, I take the time to be sure that you are set-up properly to achieve your goals.

What are your goals?  I’d like to hear them.