Come train with me!

THURSDAYS, 6:15 pm

INSANITY LIVE at Retro Fitness of Levittown, PA

Insanity Live  is a group-focused workout combining cardio conditioning, total body strength drills, and athletic training designed for people of all levels. The moves are easy to follow—but the workout WILL challenge you, change you, and get you in the best shape of your life. So as you’re giving it your all, just when you feel like your body is about to max out on certain movements, you’ll get a short break …  and then it’s time for the next series of moves. Not sure if you’re ready for all of that? The moves can always be modified so you can work up to your own best level, and the coaches will show you how.

It’s about letting go of your excuses, your limits, and everything that holds you back—and challenging yourself. Get ready to reach your personal best—because progress starts outside your comfort zone. And your classmates are right there with you to help get you through it.


SUNDAYS, 8am (May-Oct, weather permitting)

Every Sunday at 8am in the field behind St. Ephram church in Bensalem, PA.

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