The program works, simple as that. If you do the workouts every day, and follow the nutrition plan, you will get results like this … if not BETTER!



The time between the 1st picture and the middle picture was 2 months (65 days to be exact).

After that I maintained that weight for a month, then decided that I wanted to add some muscle.  It took me 3 months of muscle building workouts, and you can see the results in the 3rd picture.

Bottom line: I have the programs that work. I can show you exactly what I did.

Don’t think that you are “in shape” enough to start? Let me tell  you, I was a mess in that first picture. But, I get it.  So I’ve adjusted the program so now there are 4 levels to suit all fitness abilities.

If you are ready to make that change, and want someone that will be there for you the whole way … PLEASE reach out to me, I will help you. Here’s the link to my personal facebook page.