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Eating frequency for muscle gains

Many bodybuilders claim that you need to be eating protein every 2-3 hours for optimal muscle growth. However, in recent years people have started to question this claim and suggested that eating less often may be just as effective for building up your muscles. In this post I’ll explain how often you need to be eating to develop your muscles and providing you with some top tips for choosing the best eating strategy.

How Often Do You Need To Eat For Maximum Muscle Growth? 

As mentioned above, one of the most widely held beliefs in the muscle building industry is that you need to eat often to enjoy optimal results. The main driver behind this belief is the suggestion that your body goes into starvation mode after going a few hours without protein and then starts to break down your muscles for energy which negates the positive effects of your muscle building workouts and prevents muscle growth.  Read the rest of this entry

When it comes to developing muscle, everyone discusses protein as if it’s the only nutrient that you need to be concerned about. While protein IS important, it is just one of the many nutrients you need to be consuming for effective muscle development. This post will take a detailed look at the essential nutrients you should be eating for optimum muscle development. We will also be talking about how much of each nutrient you need to be consuming and noting the best food sources for each one. Read the rest of this entry

Top 10 Fat Rich Foods That Help Build Muscle

When it comes to building muscle, fats rank high on the “must do” list. They support the production of muscle building hormones such as testosterone, they soothe your joints and muscles during the recovery process and much more. If you are trying to build muscle on a gaining phase, I suggest 25% to 30% of your daily calories come from healthy fats. On a leaning out phase, it would be slightly different. 

In this article I’ll be helping you ensure that your diet contains lots of healthy fats by listing 10 of the fat rich foods that should be part of your diet if you are looking to build muscle mass: Read the rest of this entry

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